Wednesday, October 12, 2011

50% sale

HUGE 50% off sale on 1 prim Trees Autumn, Dead, Green and Japanese at !!X Factor!!, also included in the 50% off are sale most of my flower sets, So head on up to the second floor of the Plants building for these GREAT deals, plants are copy/mod too.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Trees.. Trees... and more Trees

So I have buckled down, just a wee bit and got the Huge tree sets done, plus a little more.

Autumn - 5 Sets - 10 prims each, copy/mod. There are 2 trees in each set @ 200L
Green   - 3 Sets - 10 prims each, copy/mod. There are 2 trees in each set @ 200L
Dead    - 6 Sets -  5 prims each, copy/mod. There are 2 trees in each set @ 200L
Japanese - 5 sets - 10 prims each, copy/mod. There are 2 trees in each set @ 200L

Monday, September 5, 2011


Army Grunge outfit -

Have an urge to sport that Army grunge style, set in dull Army green, it comes with Shirt with prim cuffs, Shorts with prim belt, all set for a low cost of 150L

= ICU =

 Smilies -

New @ = ICU = , I have been busy busy, getting ready for Halloween, I have brought to SL Smilies eyes.... ever wanted to show your mood in your gaze? Well now you can *smiles* with 20 selected Smilies to chose from for just 50L

Living Doll Eyes -

This is a beautiful follow up to the Dolly eyes, large iris, glassy effect set in vivid colors that any Living Doll will crave. I am hoping you fell in love with them as much as I did. Each color for 100L.

Mystic Eyes -

For that OMG factor for every Werecat, Neko, feline lover. Set in brilliant vibrant colors, large cat eye pupil that makes other lost in your eyes. Offering 6 colors for 100L each.

Darth Maul Eyes -

Just in time for Halloween, striking eyes for anyone that wants that Darth Maul gaze, intensity of a dark viral soul. 100L

What's going on

!!X Factor!! - What's NEW and on sale

So much has been happening within !!X Factor!! recently, we broke up the huge store into parts, Quirkywerk is our growing new Clothing line, = ICU = is our unique Eye Work store, ))Taboo(( is our Body works store, !!X Factor!! as always will continue to provide our low prim plants and wonders.

I have been busy busy, getting ready for Halloween and other upcoming holidays. Working on the new stores, monthly hunts, and weekly sales.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Quirkywerk new items

Well I have been working on and off again on a outfit that I just cannot seem to get together. However, I have completed a nice basic jean set, 6 colors (Acid wash, Black, Demin, Dirty Demin, New Demin, and Worn), they come in 3 styles (Ankle, Boot, and Bell bottoms) they are basic priced too only 50L each!

New @ !!X Factor!!

Well I finished up two sets of wings. I finished up the Fairy set of beautiful colors and styles reflecting the seasons, plus two white colors ones. They are made to match with the Fairy eyelashes I had made as well.

I finished up the upcoming Halloween set as well, offering those dark and naughty angels and fairies a more dark and wicked touch as well.

They are on sale for $100L. Please let me know if you like these items. One of which will be in the Angel hunt that is up and coming!!